Friday, April 1, 2011

Three years since the road to TPLO recovery started

The actual date of Ivy's  TPLO # 1 was February 11, 2008. Thankfully, that memory has faded and I even missed the anniversary this year. But, when a friend's dog was diagnosed with a CCL tear (he undergoes a TPLO next week), the recovery/rehab memories did come flooding back: the ugly area rugs on the wood floors from Walmart, the dreaded "lampshade" (e collar), waiting for that first post-op poop, sleeping in the x-pen, Joe lovingly helping Ivy walk with the sling those first few weeks.  And Ivy's eyes....full of confusion and pain at first but quickly coming back to that soft, dark brown, and loving and trusting once again.
SO, three years hence. Here is where we are: Ivy is nine years old and now has her sister and littermate, Iris living with us. Ivy is respectfully tolerant of Iris, and Iris worships the ground Ivy walks on, but they are not the loving, cuddly sisters I had hoped they would become. Between them, they have 4 good knees (I do pray for Iris's knees everyday) and a zest for life. They love to walk, and run, and swim. They live for car rides and milkbones. They are my and my husbands traveling companions and best friends. To look at the two of them, you would never suspect that Ivy ever had this health issue. The final cost...probably about $10,000 including the two surgeries and all related expenses.  Having Ivy (and Iris) in our lives: PRICELESS!
Ivy the snow zoomie

On the road again