Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Update-11 weeks post TPLO

Well, we backed out of the tumor removal by Dr. Pernell and decided to take her to a general vet for an evaluation. We found a nice vet practice about 15 minutes from our rental house. Dr. Steele saw Ivy and suggested a laser ablation of the growth, which he believes is benign, and also agreed to remove a small growth on her face. The procedure was performed while we waited. Dr. Steele seems to be a compassionate vet and told us that Ivy was a perfect patient! Of course she is! And she is cute too!
We are slowly increasing the length of her daily walks and she is loving that! She is not too happy about the diet she is on though, but I believe it is slowly working. Now, if only my diet would work......

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A setback....maybe

We took Ivy in for her 10 week TPLO follow up x-rays and the bone is not healed yet. The Ortho Vet says this is not that unusual but I am still worried.....
Then, while the vet techs were working on her, they must have accidentally opened up a wart on her leg (of course the operated leg) and she was dripping blood. She has a couple of these warts/cysts on her body and I was not worried about them until the Vet referred to them as "tumors." So, she is bandaged up for now and goes back in tomorrow morning to have them surgically removed. And, she has gained 3 pounds since surgery, so she is back on the diet! Poor Ivy!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

9 weeks post op

I cannot believe it has been 9 weeks since Ivy's TPLO! She is still improving and her hair is probably 50% grown back on her surgical leg. We have started a walking program. She is walking twice a day for about 15/20 minutes, plus her "potty walks." We are working up to that being three 20 minute walks a day. She really enjoys the walks, as do I! Maybe I can lose some of this "Charleston weight."
We did deviate a bit from the routine last week. Joe and I were invited to attend a practice round at the Masters with our good friends, Bob and Mary Kay. Ivy stayed in her x-pen at their lake house for about 8 hours while we were gone. Her canine friend, Sasha kept her company. Ivy was ecstatic to see us when we got back! But, she was only hungry! Then I decided to stay the week with Mary Kay since Bob was going to be out of town on business. Joe drove back to the jobette in Charleston and Ivy and I had a life of leisure for a few days. We especially enjoyed our walks by the golf course where Mary Kay and Bob live. And Sasha liked peeing where Ivy had just peed! Dogs are funny that way!
Now we are back in Mt Pleasant. Ivy's 10 week x-rays are next week. I have my fingers crossed!