Sunday, July 13, 2008

The other knee blows out.....

Ivy was 5 months post TPLO, loving life again. She had been released by Dr Pernell to start getting her normal Lab loving life back. We had been increasing her walks and she had just started short swims. A weekend trip to Blacksburg to visit our daughter, ended that. We had been there maybe 3 minutes when Ivy ran up a hill, yelped in pain, and came up on three legs! We called our vet in Chesapeake to get a referral to a specialist and left the next day. This has been a very long weekend for the three of us. Ivy is miserable and seems to be in more pain than ever. We are miserable, but at least we can drink wine. I have some Tramadol, left from her TPLO in February, so now she is napping peacefully. Just need to get to Monday.
We had been warned that the other knee blowing out was a very real possibility. But, really, very little warning that it was imminent. Earlier in the week, after a short hike and swim, Ivy was pretty sore and I thought that maybe she was limping off the back right leg. But, the next morning she was fine. So, Ivy may be starting over again. Poor girl. Hurry up, Monday.

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  1. I was reading through your blog and am very familiar with part of it... my boy Moose is 6 days post TPLO (1st and hopefully only). The zombie dog, the ex-pen the potty walks etc. But this post is one of our major fears... that the other will go and soon. So worried for my boy. It is good to know that even after the 2nd you are all doing ok and hope Ivy will have a bouncy happy life again in 2009!