Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ortho Vet Visit

We FINALLY had our appointment with Dr. Stallings, an Orthopedic Specialist in Virginia Beach. It went pretty much the way we had figured it would. Dr Stallings checked her drawer sign: positive. Tibial thrust test: positive. Ivy was diagnosed with a CCL rupture in the right leg. He recommended a TPLO, which we agreed to. They sedated her for a series of x-rays. The practice does this digitally, which was very cool. Ivy came out of the x-rays pretty much a drunk dog. She slept all the way home and most of the rest of the day. Of course, she did awaken to eat!
So, we have decided to do the surgery in September, after our beach vacation at Pawleys Island, SC. This gives us an opportunity to perhaps take her back to Dr. Pernell in Charleston for a second opinion and she can have a little, but not too much, fun at the beach!

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