Monday, November 24, 2008

6 Weeks Post Op and doing great! (TPLO #2)

Ivy received good news from Dr Stallings today. She has complete bone healing and has the go ahead to begin rehab. She did need to be sedated for the x rays but bounced back from that much better this time. We are letting her snooze away today and then start rehab walks tomorrow. She has been having just 4 potty breaks a day but we are going to move that to 5 with 3 of them to include a 5 minute lap around the condominium perimeter. Then gradually increase the walking time. I am going to continue with passive range of motion, since she actually seems to enjoy that. We hope she will be swimming after tennis balls in Florida by springtime!


  1. Thanks for writing this - it's great information and keeps me hoping that it will all be fine with Parker.

  2. I wish you and Ivy the best of luck. This blog is great and reminds me that Lab lovers like us, truly will do anything for these dogs!