Friday, September 11, 2009

Checking in...Ivy has a new home

Ivy has had an eventful summer. We sold our condo suddenly in May and had to find a new home very quickly, within 30 days!! But, we did and have settled in nicely. The house is in a 55 and over active adult community, and is on the golf course. Ivy absolutely loves having her own backyard again! There are wonderful areas to walk and Ivy loves that. We tapered off our leashed walks during the summer because of the heat, but have just started that routine up again, with some cooler temperatures this week. We took Ivy to the beach the other day, where she was able to swim and run off leash. She had a blast!!! You would never know that she has 2 rebuilt knees! I'll admit that I still am very nervous when she charges into the ocean, but there were no after effects from that outing. It's been 11 months since TPLO number 2.


  1. That is excellent news! Parker had a few setbacks but is all good now. He is 9 months post-op and doing well. I think we are always going to be nervous huh. Glad to hear you have found a place and she sure looks great on the beach!

  2. I know what you mean about the nerves! I still get them (of course I am worried about the good one going on top of the fixed one) and wish they were gone forever but I am really grateful that Moose is doing so well and it is so nice to see a double TPLOer back on her paws and so normal!
    Yay for settling in! I am finally feeling settled in our new place too.
    Moose + Dana
    p.s. at first I thought you lived in a community for over active adults.... that would be something! (somehow skipped part of the sentence but it made me chuckle until I re-read it).