Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Day 1 TPLO Post-Op

Ivy will now be in a Veterinary Rehab Center for about a week after her TPLO surgery. This group of Ortho Specialists (Coastal Carolina Veterinary Specialists) do things a little differently during the recovery process than most of the other specialists, who release the dog home about a day or two following surgery. Joe and I visited with Ivy during the lunch hour. She was so very happy to see us. She got up from her very large bed in her very private room at the Rehab Center and hobbled over to greet us. It was so good to see that wagging tail! I had a milkbone in my pocket which she became aware of right away. She gobbled that up. It was pretty obvious to us that she had not eaten recently. I had read that the dog may not be hungry after TPLO. Not so with Ivy! I found Whitney, the physical therapist, and we gave her a cup of her dog food, which she wolfed down! Then she settled down a bit, with some whining. I had read about this, but Joe had not, so he was taking it pretty hard. We stayed about 30 minutes. As we were getting in the car, we saw Whitney walking her outside with the sling. Ivy took a very, VERY long pee. Maybe that was part of the problem!
We were very, very impressed with the rehab center. The waiting area is large and comfy with a cool dog mural on the walls (see pic below). Ivy and the post surgery dogs have large, private rooms, each with a big ortho bed. The center has a pool, underwater treadmill, and other canine PT tools. We are very pleased with this arrangement thus far and we are starting to believe that Ivy is in good hands.

Ivy and Joe

Ivy's TPLO leg

Ivy enjoying lunch

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