Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ivy is home

Because Ivy was doing so well and because the physical therapist does not work on weekends, Ivy was released yesterday. She is home with us in the house we are renting in Mt. Pleasant, SC. She came in sniffed around a bit, ate some green beans, then we both took a long nap! She was not real excited when I closed the door to her x-pen, but slept soundly for a good two hours!
She slept through the night last night in the x-pen. She is taking Tramadol, a canine painkiller. It seems to be keeping her comfortable and a little sleepy. This is ok, since the goal for the next 14 or so weeks is to severely restrict her activity and keep her calm. Keep a Lab easy is that?
Joe and I are both planning on just hanging out with Ivy around the house this weekend. He is off for President's Day on Monday, a good thing. We are going to be reading and watching movies....just relaxing with Ivy!

Ivy in the x-pen....not a happy camper!

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