Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ivy does Key West

We took Ivy into Key West for an afternoon outing. She did great on the leash in crowds of people! We were careful not to overextend her walking, so we stopped at a few places for her to rest. She visited the Southern Most Point in the continental US, a couple of bars, and Dog Beach. When we returned back to our rental house, she lounged by the pool, had dinner, and turned in early for bed. There were no after effects the next day, no stiffness and no difficulty getting up. We are very excited by her progress at this point. She is having a picture perfect recovery.


  1. Such a great post - she's sooo beautiful! Glad to hear she's recovering so well.

  2. Hi Ivy! You look sooooo sweet, and are such a love to your mom, we can tell!
    Will visit you blog again soon!
    Honey (13 yo golden)
    come see me at