Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ivy is sitting normally

This might not seem like a big deal, but I noticed when Ivy went out into the yard to do her business, she sat down for a couple of minutes, just to sniff the air, I suppose. But, she was sitting like a normal dog! Both back legs tucked in! Not one or the other stretched out towards the front. This was really a first. We are now about 5 months post op from TPLO # 2.


  1. yay Ivy! We are almost 4 months post and I was wondering when Moose would stop leaning... Maybe another month? His sit has always been kinda sprawling so I have not noticed a difference there. Glad she is doing so well and enjoying her 'winter' in Florida!

  2. Great news! Parker sits like a normal dog sometimes, and YES it brings a huge smile to my face. We go back for the final 16-week follow-up next Tues, which i'm looking forward to.

  3. Yea Ivy!!!
    So glad!
    And, Key West looked fun too!
    Cheers, Honey (13 yo golden)