Monday, March 30, 2009

Milestone: Ivy walked 2 miles today

We had a nice 50 something degree day here today, so we got out just before lunch to try a 2 mile walk with Ivy at Oak Grove Lake Park. This is one of our very favorite places to walk as it is a 2 mile unpaved loop around a small, man made lake. On warmer days, she can swim there. She did most of the walk unleashed, and at a steady pace, occasionally trotting. I think she would run, but she just did not see anything to run after. We had been walking her about a mile and a half a few days a week. But, the goal has been to get her back to where she was pre surgery, so I am happy to report that she seems to have made it. She will be 6 months post second TPLO in about a week. We have been back a couple of hours now, and she shows no signs of limping or stiffness. She seems to be hungry, but of course, she is a Lab!

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  1. Good job Ivy!!!! Glad to hear she's doing so well!