Tuesday, May 5, 2009

These paws are made for walking

Ivy is now coming up on the 7 month post op mark. Time has been flying by! We do the two mile walk about 4 or 5 times a week now. She still does not seem stiff or sore following the walks. The main issue now seems to be with the heat and walking certain trails with fallen gumballs. I think the gumballs must hurt her paws because she will be walking along and then just stop and hold up a paw. We take a look an brush it off and then she is fine. The heat does wear her out though, so on the warmer days we will walk where there is some water so she can take a short swim to cool down. She is a water loving Lab!!


  1. Glad to hear a fellow TPLO'er is doing so good. keep it up!!


  2. So glad to hear that Ivy is doing so well! Heisman just had her second TPLO on Wednesday, so Ivy definitely inspires us! Yellow labs are the best!

    Also, Heisman tagged Ivy over on her blog - check it out!