Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Howlidaze-Holidays

Ivy is enjoying the Howlidaze. She has been doing so well in her rehab that we have started taking her with us again to visit friends and relatives. She does great getting into the SUV with her dog ramp. She loves Christmas with all the lights and smells and all the attention she gets. Her fur is all grown back on her TPLO leg and typical Lab, she is shedding up a storm!! She does about 2 15-20 walks as part of her rehab in addition to her potty walks. We go about twice a week for short treks to her favorite walking spots like Bells Mill Park or the Dismal Swamp Canal Trail. She returns to Dr Stallings around the end of January and we hope she is released for a return to full activity.


  1. Ivy is a beauty! I am so encouraged to read of her progress! She is 6 weeks ahead of my Moose and it seems like it has been an eternity! I am starting to relax some of his restrictions and worry that it is too soon but we are headed for checkup soon and hopefully all will be well. Give her scratches from a fellow TPLO-er!

  2. Another TPLO-er here. Sounds like Ivy is doing great! It's awesome to hear as it keeps us who are still on week 5 post-op and restricted to doing almost anything at all totally encouraged! Thanks!!

  3. LOVE the picture Pam. You take great ones!