Monday, January 12, 2009

A Longer Walk Today

We tried Ivy on a longer walk today. We went again to one of her favorite places, the Dismal Swamp Canal Trail. This is an old section of Route 17 in Chesapeake, Virginia that was closed a few years ago when a new section was opened up, and runs along the historic Dismal Swamp Canal. The city is maintaining it as a multipurpose hiking, jogging, biking, and equestrian trail, that is 8.5 miles long. We walked 3/4 mile down the trail and back in about 45 minutes. Ivy did great. Joe and I were a little cold; it was about 45 degrees. We let Ivy off leash as there were not many folks out in the chilly weather and she loved that.


  1. Way to go Ivy! Sounds like she is doing just great! Keep it up : )

  2. Just stumbled onto your blog while researching Dr. Stallings for TPLO procedures. One of my labs, female, 6 yrs, may have a torn ACL. Happy to see Ivy's recovering nicely.
    ~E. in Hickory (Chesapeake)

  3. To E in Hickory:
    Dr Stallings is the guy you want. There is another specialist in Chesapeake, but my regular vet would NOT recommend him (can't recall the name, sorry). This is a very expensive surgery and there are a couple of procedures out there appropriate to Labs(TPLO and TTA). Dr Stallings does them both and he is a member of ACVS. The rehab can be challenging, as I am sure you are beginning to find out while doing your research. Dr Stallings is very strict regarding the recovery process, but my dog is just one of his success stories and I would not hesitate to use him again for any orthpedic issues.

  4. Hi Ivy!
    Welcome to Dogs with Blogs! I hope you continue getting better! Paws crossed that your recovery will be fast!

  5. Hello ! Welcome to the DWB ! hope to be friends with you & hope you make many more new friends ! Do link us up yeah (:

    Loves & Smoochies ,
    Four Musketeers

  6. Hello there, and welcome. I am Mason Dixie and I too love to go to walks in the park. 45' degrees sounds pretty warm to me, it's been below zero here lately. Stop on by =)

  7. Parker has tagged Ivy to play -

  8. Pam,

    I have loved reading this blog. My beloved yellow lab, Heisman, goes in for a TPLO on February 5. She and Ivy could be twins!

    I hope that Heisman's blog can live up to yours! Thanks so much for sharing, and congrats on Ivy's full recovery!