Thursday, January 29, 2009

Vet Visit-Venting

Ivy was due for her 3 year rabies shot so we took her to see her regular vet in Tampa. Apparently they cannot just give her the shot without an exam, so after that, plus some heart worm preventative and flea killer, we shelled out $187.00. You would think that would not bother me after spending thousands of dollars on her two TPLO's last year. But, GEESH!! I sure wish my kids had gone to Vet school!!

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  1. I know how you feel. When we brought Parker for his 8 week post-op xrays, we had asked at the same time if he could get his (Bordatella - kennel cough booster) as he will be boarding at the end of Feb. and the kennel requires him to be vacinnated earlier than his normal May check-up for vaccines. Anyways, they told me - no sorry, we do not do this. Which means to me that I need to visit my regular vet at 55$ just to walk thru the door plus all the rest. It is really a great business to be in. Tampa - I am a bucs fan, all the way in Canada.